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Really expands the power of Magic Data

Reviews of Magic Data speak of the added power & flexibility the add-on provides. But what I think is particularly special to note is this.

These Magic Data Templates include Magic Data versions of text attributes. After I asked John about using a Magic Data page attribute on a Page List Block that was not Magic Data aware, John made an update that made it work! You see, coding a custom template to make an add-on Magic Data aware (that isn't already Magic Data aware) is a much more difficult task than making the custom template pull in your new custom attribute!!!

So I was able to define a multi-line text attribute with full WYSIWYG, and add that to pages, and the page list block I'm using to list those pages (with the easier edits to it's now custom template) now pulls this data in, including the Magic Data portions (even though that add-on is not Magic Data aware)!


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