Version History

If you use other addons that integrate with Magic Data, always update Magic Data before updating other addons (but see 2.0 note below).

2.12 - php7.2 compatibility

2.11 - php7 compatibility

2.10.10 - Extended dashboard settings page to integrate Uber List dashboard settings.

2.10.9 - Fix typo in symbol tester trace html.

2.10.7 - Improved debug trace in symbol tester. Minor changes to support updates to Black Magic Data.

2.10.6 - Minor changes to support updates to Magic Data Developer.

2.10.5 - Internal changes to support extension of Uber List and Magic Data Forms to integrate with Uber Filter.

2.10.3 - Consolidation of static data storage mechanism. Improved resistance to incorrect addon install/uninstall sequence .

2.10.2 - Toolbar button styles now inserted directly into the page header to work round a core issue loading view.css.

2.10.1 - Extended symbol tester integration with toolbar. Integration now enabled by default. Use the dashboard Symbol Settings page to disable. - Remove unnecessary asset loading when no user is logged in. 

2.10 - Symbol tester integration with the concrete5 toolbar and block edit dialog - see the dashboard Symbol Settings page to enable. New dashboard page to develop and manage a library of snippets/expressions. Associated symbol APPLY_SNIPPET in Magic Data Symbols 2.7.7. Symbol source viewer integration with Magic Data Developer 1.3.

2.9.9 - Enhanced help integration for symbol tester and documentation pages.

2.9.8 - Further extension of parameter extraction method.

2.9.7 - Parameter extraction extended to facilitate specification of colours.

2.9.6 - Add support for commerce enhancements including Magic Data powered discount and shipping types.

2.9.5 - Add support for template enhancements.

2.9.4 - Fix user selector in symbol tester to work with c5.6.3.1

2.9.3 - Provides sanitization interfaces, for situations where developers are handling user input that could contain Magic Data.

2.9.2 - Minor correction to symbol parameter extraction - only relevant to extreme users.

2.9.1 - Added helper and symbol base extension for subexpressions to support this/that/whatever.

2.9 - Improved error detection and reporting in symbol tester.

2.8 - New Magic Data block, for Magic Data expressions without content or html.

2.7 - Expressions can now contain comments. Any line beginning '#' will be ignored. Anything between /* will be ignored */. NO_DEBUG behaviour fixed in symbol tester.

2.6 - Symbol tester diagnostic is now sequential rather than recursive. Internal changes to support Black Magic Data.

2.5.3 - Connects to on_cache_flush event to re-scan for installed symbols.

2.5.2 - Fixes issue with zero-width unicode space characters within symbols listing and docs pages preventing parsing of symbols when symbols were cut/pasted into MD expressions.

2.5.1 - Additional facilities to support Symbols v1.17 and UberList v1.1. Please update Magic Data Symbols Immediately after updating Magic Data.

2.5 - Extended search and filtering on symbol list and documentation elements. Improved compatibility of symbol list and documentation elements with smaller width page areas and devices.

2.4 - Adds an option for case-ignored symbols. Adds a documentation dashboard page. Removes upgrade support from v1.x.

IMPORTANT. If upgrading from v1.x of Magic Data, you must upgrade first to v2.3.2 or less before upgrading to v2.4 above.

2.3.2 - Minor changes to support further addons.

2.3.1 - Fixes issue where the Symbol tester could break following evaluation of some complex expressions.

2.3 - Enhanced developer and symbol support. Symbol tester now available to 3rd party addons.

2.2 - Enhancement of Symbol tester and support development of further symbols

2.1 - Support symbols that operate on lists

2.0.1 - Assorted minor changes to support further integration projects

2.0 - Refactored to move the On Block Load parameter interception to a separate addon. IMPORTANT: If you are already using Parameter Interception, you must install Magic Data On Block Load before applying this upgrade!

1.1 - Enhanced integration with Universal Content Puller

1.0 - Initial release