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Magic Job (c5.6)

Create scheduled reports about your pages, users and eCommerce data.

Use a dashboard page to enter Magic Data expressions. Run the Magic Data expressions as a scheduled job or queueable job and append their output to a .txt or .csv file.

Use Magic Job to run scheduled reports or one off reports containing any information available through Magic Data symbols. Build and accumulate your own automated reports of site activity.

  • Pages added
  • Users logged in
  • Popular pages
  • Viewed products (requires Magic Data Commerce)
  • Export user lists
  • Export product lists (requires Magic Data Commerce)
  • Build reports in text files or in csv files

The symbols available to Magic Data are growing all the time. With a little bit of php knowledge it is easy to add your own symbols to access specialised data.

This addon requires that Magic Data is already installed. You should also install Magic Data Symbols

If you want to create reports on eCommerce, you will also need Magic Data Commerce and may find Similar & Recently Purchased Products comes in useful.

From version 1.4 this addon is compatible with php7. To update a site to php7 you will need to make core updates (at time of writing only on github and not released). You will also need to ensure that other addon packages are php7 compatible.

See more addons by JohntheFish.


Sales have ended due to EOL

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