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Review posted by jkernick on at

Seemless, easy to use and great support

I tried Easy Tabs but struggled with making template changes. Magic Tabs is much easier to use and doesn't require that you put your blocks into table cell layouts. John is very responsive and helpful if you have any issues. Highly recommend this add-on!

1.0.1 -

Review posted by yoeasybiz on at

Awesomely easy to use, great addon!

This was extremely easy to use out of the box, and saved me tons of time. The styles provided are generic enough and clean enough that I am using them instead of custom css.
Thanks you, JohntheFish!

1.0.1 -

Review posted by emsconcrete on at

Great Add-on! Great Support!

I initially wasn't sure if Magic Tabs would accomplish what I needed, so I emailed John (the author) and he quickly responded detailing how I could use the add-on for my specific case. To see the addon in action on my client's site, go to: (once it's launched in mid-July 2012). * See far below for tips on accomplishing graphical tabs.

His add-on works great, except it wasn't supported in IE7 due to IE7 jQuery issues. Although IE7 is on its way out (I think end of 2012, MS is forcing upgrades to IE8), my client needed some form of IE7 support. Within a few hours of emailing him, John created a custom template based on his "jQuery UI with Body" so that Magic Tabs content would appear in a functional form (as content, rather than tabs) in IE7.

To sum up, this add-on works flawlessly and the amazing support from John has been quick, detailed and beyond what I expected. Thank you John!

* And now for the graphical tabs trick:
Indent the text on the tabs so they are still indexed, but are not seen, and add the tab graphics as background images on the pseudo-class selectors for links. Below are the styles you can use as a starting point. Note some of the classes and values are unique to my site and must be changed.

#mainContent .jl_magic_tabs_main.ui-tabs .ui-tabs-nav li.jl_magic_tabs_ix_4 a:link, #mainContent .jl_magic_tabs_main.ui-tabs .ui-tabs-nav li.jl_magic_tabs_ix_4 a:visited {
background:url(images/tabs.png) 0 -240px no-repeat;

#mainContent .jl_magic_tabs_main.ui-tabs .ui-tabs-nav li.jl_magic_tabs_ix_4 a:hover, #mainContent .jl_magic_tabs_main.ui-tabs .ui-tabs-nav li.jl_magic_tabs_ix_4 a:active {
background:url(images/tabs.png) -152px -240px no-repeat;

#mainContent .jl_magic_tabs_main.ui-tabs .ui-tabs-nav li.jl_magic_tabs_ix_4.ui-tabs-selected a {
background:url(images/tabs.png) -152px -240px no-repeat;

#mainContent .jl_magic_tabs_main.ui-tabs .ui-tabs-nav li a {
Response by JohntheFish on at
For anyone interested in IE7, the solution is posted in the Magic tabs forum:

1.0.1 -

Review posted by Juerg on at

Very useful add-on. Great support!

This add-on is really very flexible and best of all is very intuitive to a site editor. No complicated layouts.
I had the need for a look quite different to what the supplied templates delivered. After my forum post John replied within a few hours and helped a lot with his answer.
The new 'self_contained_starter' template in version 1.1 is just what I was looking for as a starting point.

1.1 -

Review posted by carl101lee on at

Lovely Tabs

Worked a treat, does what it says on tin.
Requested a extra feature to link to open tabs and was helpful and quick in response.

Thanks -

Review posted by landollweb on at

Great solution

Very clean, very easy to install and work with. Making a custom theme is easier with this solution than a couple of others I tried. A+ on documentation. Nice work. -

Review posted by 3hawk on at

So easy - a must-have for my sites

So easy, and it just works. Put tab blocks in between content blocks, and you've got your content in tabs. No layouts, no figuring out where to put your content. Easy even for beginners. A great add-on.
Review posted by imJack on at

Oh My G..... LOVE!

Bought this a while back, just now am getting the chance to use it... HOLY BUCKETS... NICE!

Now if you would like to somehow integrate vertical tabs into this, hey, I'd buy it.

Won't be the last time I buy this.
Response by JohntheFish on at
For any one interested in Vertical Tabs, Jack and I swapped a few ideas and Jack's solution is posted at
Review posted by andersha on at

Great beginner add-on

Highly recommended, easy to setup and use. A big help making my site.
Thank you, JohntheFish.
Best Anders
Review posted by drennapete on at

Better alternative to easy tabs

Great product, very solid. I found it much better than the easy tabs product as it doesn't rely on layouts. This was the big drawback of 'easy tabs' as it makes it difficult/impossible to add directly to page types. So if you need the tabs to show up on more than one pages use this, as it doesn't rely on layouts. -

Review posted by banditetr on at

great for desktop pc based sites

simple great but with small problems on mobile sites
Response by JohntheFish on at
From v2.0, magic tabs has an option to render an accordion when screen/window width is below a responsive threshold. This can be used to show tabs on larger screens and accordions on smaller screens. -

Review posted by vlemieux on at

Easy to use

Magic Tabs is very easy to use. (You just have to understand how to start or finish a tab).
Each tab behaves like a page : one can add different blocks the same way we add blocks on a page ! (A tab is like a page in a page)
Here :
you can see two rows made of four tabs each.
Magic Tabs allow me to reduce the size of a page.
In conclusion : a very good addon !

2.0.2 -

Review posted by macca448 on at

Nice product - Intuitave and well documented

Really impressed at how easy it was to style a custom template to get a tab theme going to match our site! The style sheet was so well laid out and commented it took all of 10 minutes to get it how we wanted. Big thumbs up here!

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