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Review posted by gfisoftware on at

Still the best

Magic Tabs has been a constant in our toolkit since Concrete 5.4. Its capability to create nested tabs, a feature we sponsored, has been pivotal in our web design. The add-on's longevity and its ability to stay ahead of the competition is a testament to John's skill and foresight in development. Our repeated use of Magic Tabs across numerous sites speaks volumes about its quality and John's commitment to excellence.

Before 7.1.1

Review posted by webpresso on at

Ultra fexible

Thanks for that piece! Works great and is ultra flexible: We needed Accordion and Tabs on a page. This could handle it nice.
Would like to see more of your addons! You had so much great stuff on 5.6

7.1.1 -

Review posted by skau61 on at

Very nice

I do like it very much.... it's not easy to initialy setup, but excellent documentation gives answer to every question.
Review posted by okapi on at

Excellent add-on for tabbed content

Magic Tabs is very powerful, versatile and yet easy to use. It's working great with Concrete5 8.1. Any block can be used as content, and Magic Tabs can even be added to stacks. As there are so many options, it definitely makes sense to read the documentation carefully in order to learn about all available settings. Magic Tabs should fit almost all needs to display tabbed content. For best visual experience while a page with MT is loading, i recommend to make use of the specific CSS class for tabs and content provided by the Magic Tabs Add-on (usage is described in "Getting Started" - "While a Page Loads").

Let me especially point out the excellent, very fast and helpful support of the author.

7.1.2 -

Review posted by vlemieux on at

Very good addon

I've been using this addon with 5.6 version. I'm migrating my site to 5.8.1 version. First I've tried an other Tab addon (cheaper), that could be nice and convenient for several users, but in fact I needed the possibility of MagicTabs, that is : inserting a block (or many) inside a tab. It's so easy to use !
Here an example : (two tabs with text, photos, vidéos (linked with HTML block or included with Video viewer block), a pdf viewer. Convinced ?

7.1.2 -

Review posted by frz on at

Tabs! This does em.

The expandy-collapsy accordion tabs thing that people love to do on the web is kinda a tricky thing to pull off with in-context editing. Magic Tabs does a great job of providing a flexible solution. Just stick the tab block between the content you want to collapse, and it'll gracefully squish down any kind of block, or set of blocks, into a collapsed div of content.

Super handy for FAQ or product spec type sections.
Review posted by mnakalay on at

A life saver

I was working on converting a Bootstrap-based legacy website to the new Concrete5 8 and the codebase was a bit of a mess.

They were using an old accordion package that was heavily customized to take into accounts some specific area layouts and whatnot...

Each pane of the accordion had a different layout. Some were 1 column, some 2 or 3. Some had content blocks in them and others had page list blocks...

I was pretty sure it was going to be pure hell to keep that functionality when I had a chance to try Magic Tabs.

Problem fixed in less than 15 minutes!!!!

Seriously, that thing is so flexible you can throw pretty much anything at it and it just works and it also can act as an accordion, not just tabs.

7.1.2 -

Review posted by cmerritt on at

Easy to use and very flexible

This is my go to solution for tabbed or accordion content. It is simple to use and customise.
My clients find it easy to use as well.
Excellent support as always. Ten out of ten.

7.1.3 -

Review posted by DustyStrings on at

User-friendly and well-documented, with fabulous support

We use Magic Tabs on almost every page of our site. Love the easy switch between tabs and accordions on a responsive site, and it's completely customizable. Beyond that, the documentation is complete and easy to understand, and often you don't even need it because there are enough explanatory notes in the edit dialogues and helpful comments in the template code. John has really thought of everything. In the rare case where I've had a question, the response has been immediate and helpful.

He also built a custom ratings block for us, and the whole experience was just easy. Very professional, clear, and responsive communication, and the block works like a charm. I'd have total confidence in anything developed by JohntheFish!

7.1.4 -

Review posted by madesimplemedia on at

Flexible and easy to use

Really flexible addon that is super easy to use and style to fit in well with your project

7.2.3 -

Review posted by stewblack23 on at

Great Addon with Tons of Customization

Magic Tabs is by far one of the best addon in the concrete5 marketplace. There are tons of ways you can customize the look and feel of the tabs along with functionality. The developer, Johnthefish has great customer service skills and is willing to help with most requests concerning his addons. Magic Tabs is worth every penny.
Review posted by AllisonFewtrell on at

Easy to use and great for accordions too!

Magic Tabs is really flexible, and you get lots of examples included with the package which you can use and re-style to fit in with your site.

My site had lots of content and I needed to include a wide variety of content including videos and Javascript features. I tried to use the accordions that were included in my theme but soon ran into problems as the theme ones only allowed me to put text and images.

The only solution for me was Magic Tabs. Re-styling was a breeze and I was able to make it look seamless. You don't need to be a heavy duty dev to implement this package, it is so easy to use.

The developer has been really helpful when I've needed advice too!

7.2.4 -

Review posted by BuildIT on at

Does the job with ease and anticipates questions with well thought out documentation.

See, it's developers like this that bring me back to Concrete5 and its community. If you need Tabs, get this one. Better yet, checkout all his add-ons, I trust his code.
Review posted by PhilYoung on at

Superb add-on

This is add-on is incredibly flexible and versatile and I love the way I can split a form into sections in tabs. John's support is just the best! Highly recommended

7.9.1 -

Review posted by tallacman on at

Truely Magic

You can be assured that ANY block, including this one, from JohntheFish, will perform beyond your expectations. This suite of tab blocks has many so options you are sure to be able to outperform your own design.

If you need tabs (or accordions), you need Magic Tabs!

9.0.4 -

Review posted by strandbein on at

Great add-on

with thousands of possibilities. The author answers quickly and comprehensively in case of problems. Threat: There will probably be more questions....

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