Version History

1.6 - New fancybox popup wrapper for Universal Content Puller. If you are using UCP, please update it before updating Magic Tipple.

1.5.1 - Fix bug in international character support that caused script error after multiple tips when "Map international characters..." was enabled.

1.5 - Improved support for international characters. Addition of wrappers item wrappers for Uber List.

1.4.1 - Fix dashboard page for c5.6.3+

1.4 - Integrates with Spectrum Color Picker when it is installed.

1.3.1 - Resolve compatibility issue of wrappers with UCP v1.3 upgrade

1.3 - Tips can now be placed with jQuery selectors

1.2.1 - Fixed code error that showed up in some versions of PHP

1.2 - Further templates for Fancybox and jQuery.ui dialog modals

1.1 - Addition of wrappers for Universal Content Puller.

1.0 - Initial release