Version History

v2.54: fixed welcome message firing when disabled bug 
v2.53: bulk subscriber delete 
v2.49: checking write permission of current page for access check  
v2.48: Added Subscription Auto-Response option, with new dashboard configuration screen 
v2.47: pagination styling clean-up
v2.46: stmp exception log to string bug fix 
v2.45: disabling auto signup for logged in users when MAILING_LIST_ALWAYS_SHOW_EMAIL_FIELD config option is on. 
v2.44: adding MAILING_LIST_ALWAYS_SHOW_EMAIL_FIELD and MAILING_LIST_SHOW_EMPTY_EMAIL_FIELD global variables, to show email address field even for logged in users 
v2.43: refresh sent user ids array before each send, in case two threads of the send process are initiated simultaneously 
v2.42: added ability to set default from address instead of using the current user's, with MAILING_LIST_FROM_DEFAULT global variable 
v2.41: added anchor link to subscription form 
v2.40: added %date_stamp% attribute to print current date within mailing 
v2.39: cronjob send draft issue 
v2.38: increased memory limits on excel export 
v2.37: changing include of form template for overrides 
v2.36: bootstrap buttons & new german translation 
v2.35: allow deletion of all mailings statuses, not just pending 
v2.34: added ability for non-admin user to delete their own mailings if they have access to mailing section of dashboard. 
v2.33: url link tracking redirect decoding of ampersands  
v2.31: insert link from toolbar for non-super user missing bugfix. 
v2.30: gave super user access permission to all emails with need for admin group 
v2.29: added MAILING_LIST_SUBSCRIBE_TOKEN_DISABLED global variable, to be used when block is being cached 
v2.28: subscribers page memory limit increase fix, and block include to inc()  
v2.27: removed deprecated ereg_replace
v2.26: check that group is object before calling method in block view. 
v2.25: update for concrete5.5 
v2.24: added MAILING_LIST_UNSUBSCRIBE_FONT_SIZE global variable
v2.23: regex fix for multiple images in a mailing
v2.22: handling of quotes in subject if magic-quotes enabled on server
v2.21: loosened signup block cache settings to fix form token issue.
v2.20: html preview bug fix on mailing detail page.
v2.19: added other attributes to subscribers excel export
v2.18: moving tinymce editor icons to second row if screensize is too narrow, to prevent area overflow issue.
v2.17: subscribe box select attribute required bug fix
v2.16: add define('MAILING_LIST_HEADER_FOOTER_ON_PLAINTEXT',1);  to /config/site.php to add header and footer to plaintext mailings.
v2.15: Full HTML version of the mailing now includes template header and footer on preview and mailing detail pages.
v2.14: added text replacement to header & footer template.
v2.13: added view unsubscribers option to select field on Subscribers dashboard page.
v2.12: added support for MAILING_LIST_SHOW_INACTIVE global variable
v2.11: parse csv carriage return issue
v2.10: send process confirmation javascript changes
v2.09: save as draft message
v2.08: subscriber attribute import on over five columns fix
v2.07: internet explorer delete button click not propagating up to the link tag.
v2.06: removed testing/debug statements from send page
v2.05: better support for booleans on CSV import, now works with 0/1, true/false, or yes/no
v2.04: non-registered subscriber details bug where attribute had been deleted.
v2.03: setting page: repopulate logging radio button - minor bug fix
v2.02: link replacement regex bug fix
v2.01: minor bug fixes: send process confirmation alert with templates, subscribers pagination page size parameter, exit on restart if sleeping. 
v2.0: Monitor mailing views, click-thrus, and unsubscriptions
v1.45: added auto-restart feature for users with limits on how many emails they can send per request.  fix for warning on mailing send cronjob
v1.44: changes behavior so that when send process encounters invalid email to log exception and continues running.
v1.43: added bulk import of user attributes
v1.42: modifed Use as Template functionality to allow for using sent mailings as templates
v1.41: added "Save as Draft", and "Use as Template" features to mailings
v1.38: includes attach file, image, link toolbar
v1.35: inspect non-registered users attributes
v1.13: added import subscribers feature (from csv or text file).
added an interface for unsubscribing/blacklisting individual users from the dashboard.
you can now add email attachments
added user attribute text replacement, so you can collect and display first name, last name, etc in mailings
v1.11: made it default to just logging the first 5 emails, with an option on the settings page to turn off logging or to log all sent emails.