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Review posted by imJack on at


I just purchased this hot little addon, and I have a few clients who will be wanting this.

Literally in 15 minutes I had this addon installed, a mailing list imported, send rate config'd, and an email written and sent.

I am in LOVE with this addon. It will be a major staple in my arsenal.

Nice job! Well done!! Whoot, whoot!!!
Review posted by lota on at

simple and complete

Simple and complete mailing list system inside concrete5 site. The rate setting allows you to customize sending.
Review posted by briggers on at

Very good extension

For my use, which is to send out newsletters to known people, so I don't have a user registration form. All recipients get added through the dashboard so there is a minor problem - adding individual users one at a time.
It would get 5 starts if there was a routine to edit a user and if the add/edit user routine permitted the entry/edit of user attributes.
Otherwise it's great!
I hope this facility will be added in a future version.
Review posted by fjhadd on at

Great and simple to use.

Great and simple to use. Integrates perfectly with C5,
Review posted by tsilbermann on at

Best mailing Add-On in marketplace

This Add-On has lots of features and works very well. I think its the best one of this kind in marketplace at this time. One reason is the the fast response if there is a problem and that tony implements (realizable/usefull) user wishes. You can see both in the version history.
Review posted by SheldonB on at

worth the money

I would suggest this solution to anyone.
Review posted by RMDWebDesign on at

Ideal solution!

I have used the Mailing List block on two sites now, one with 6000+ recipients and another with 3000+, all without problem.

Templating is ideal and the back-end has all the tools and options required to get the job done.

Highly recommended! I will be needing more licenses soon!
Review posted by Therian on at

Easy to use, great support

This tool is exactly what my client needed. When issues came to surface Tony was right there to support me. thank you for all your hard work
Review posted by luns4d on at

Works great, good support!

I had a challenge getting this to work on my server, no fault of the app. My server configuration was the problem. He continued to respond to my tech support question until it was resolved. Did all I could expect from a vendor for support.

The product works great. Data import is straight forward. Much easier process to produce a mail distribution that what my client was use to. My client actually doing the mailing process themselves!!

Solves the basic eNewsletter request. And no on-going cost. no per use fee. I like it!
Review posted by monkeyArms on at

Really, really well done.

This add-on really helped me out of a bind with a client that had a 1200+ list of newsletter subscribers. We had a custom checkbox attribute for each user in the system to tell whether they wanted to subscribe or not - I was worried it wouldn't be compatible with this add-on but it was a cinch to tie in.

Before purchasing I checked with my hosting provider - they wanted me to throttle down the emails to 100 per minute, and I was easily able to do that with this package.

The client loves everything, especially the reporting/tracking features.

Very nicely done.
Review posted by testytim on at

HIGHLY Recommended!

The Mailing List add-on is a great feature to add to your web-site. My client has a mailing list of over 1,000 subscribers, and having an easy way to send out emails is important to them. Because the client is a non-profit, recurring cost is a big concern. This add-on has no recurring cost and is as feature rich as some newsletter services that do incur monthly costs.

On the first mailing, the precess stalled at 896, but pressing the restart button picked up the process right where it left off. The remaining emails were sent without any problems.

The developer includes a link to information on creating html emails (located at the bottom of the create mail screen), and it was a great help. Including a few templates with the add-on would add star number 6 to my 5-star-rating.

I just need to say one more thing. This developer seems to be highly motivated to add features and fix bugs. I found him to be very responsive - and that is why I felt inclined to write a review (I write very few reviews).

The cost of the Mailing List add-on was a concern at first, but I am very happy I spent the money. It is well worth it.
Review posted by olay on at

Works brilliantly

The recent addition of saving drafts, and creating templates from previous mailings has turned a good package into a brilliant package. This is now a fully fledged mailing package which I can comfortably and confidently hand over to the client, and will recommend to others in the future.
Review posted by annekeh on at

Yes it's getting better and better

Wow, since the last update i'm really satisfied. Not able to save was a huge problem, but it is solved now.

For the full five stars i'm waiting on the ability to make a new page from the newsletter for a online archive. You need something to wish for...
Review posted by townend on at

The simplest I've found yet

Very easy and fast to set up, thanks!
Review posted by noconceptnoglory on at

A real great tool!

I've bought a few versions of the mailing list and it keeps getting better! Tony even helped me out with a bug on a live server!!
Great tool and support!!!
Review posted by billn77 on at

Really slick

Excellent tool, and great support from the developer.
Review posted by synlag on at

Great work

Hey Tony,

i just want to say thanks for this great package.

Very handy :)
Review posted by ThemeGuru on at

Worth the money!

Lets just say goodbye mail chimp hello Mailing List!

This is worth every penny!

Uploaded and installed in a few minutes changes the default theme (use a free mail chimp layout) and I'm all done!

Still playing around with the addon.

Can't wait for more features!

Thanks Tony!

Review posted by poleman1 on at

Not could be great : IS GREAT

After having difficulty on my end Tony was extremely prompt at getting my assistance. Within 24 hours we were able to get everything functioning properly :)

Thank you and hope everyone enjoys the add-on as much as we will.

FYI - for those using os x server be sure to have the server admin allow outgoing smtp if you aren't already using it for mail services
Review posted by Tony on at

Works great for most people's needs

If you're having trouble with this package for any reason, please first ask for help in the support section. I'll try to respond within a few hours:
Review posted by poleman1 on at

Could be great

It would be great if there could be some documentation. Lets say if the subscriber never receives the updates you put in.

How can it be fixed. I'm getting frustrated at the lack of documentation with C5 :(

Feel like I am living to see if I get a response from someone in the forums to give me direction.
Review posted by dsdev on at

The Mailing List is HERE!!!!

Yeah, I am soooo happy that this is finally here. No more hacking some opensource mailing list to try to make something work.

I love it. It is easy to use, which means it is less for me to have to support for my clients.

Kudos to Tony for this. Thank-you soooo much.
Review posted by mobius2000 on at

The long awaited email subscription tool is here and it is AWESOME!!!

Hi guys and gals,

I've not reviewed a marketplace block before however this time I had to throw my support behind this one.

This block is fantastic and long over due. As the block suggests, it handles subscriptions for email newsletters etc and does it with ease.

- Easy to set up
- Easy for the end user
- Contains all the requirements for legal issues surrounding spam (allows unsubscription simply by clicking from a received email) which is very important in most countries.
- Allows for different groups of subscriptions.

This block ties in nicely to the dashboard and provides you with everything you need to get subscriptions up and running out of the box.

Congratulations to the developer on a job well done.


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