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Hi there

I am building an update to a site, but its going to be in 5.7, are you going to have an update for your very cool emailing list add on?


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chrisjterrell replied on at Permalink Reply

I also would like to know if you have an ETA on 5.7

Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm not sure that I'm going to upgrade this package to concrete5.7 yet.
Cahueya replied on at Permalink Reply
please please please :)
bizonline replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Tony
Is there a specific reason for not wanting to do it at this stage? I have around 4 clients that i could use this package for right now, if you are willing to update it or alternitively would you be ok if i ported the product myself and possibly uploaded to the store as a patch for your product? by this i mean they would need to purchase the origional addon and then have an additional purchase to get the update script. Your thoughts please?
damianbezowy replied on at Permalink Reply
bizonline do you managed to port it to 5.7?
rams replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Tony,
The only thing really missing from my 5.7 site (currently constructing) will be your mailing package i use in my 5.6 site. It works really well within that site which is just for a small community swimming club.
No problem in having to repurchase. Happy too.
Really appreciate it if you can get a 5.7 version going!
Many Thanks
Cahueya replied on at Permalink Reply
Do you have any information on upgrading the package? I'd buy it right away :-)
rams replied on at Permalink Reply
unfortunately, it would see that he is too busy or not interested or demand not big enough. it still remains the biggest thing missing for my 5.7 site.
mojoburns replied on at Permalink Reply
Have been holding off putting some sites on 5.7 as really need a mailing list similar to the one that you have in 5.6. Really would be great if you were to do one for 5.7! Any updates for if you will create this? thank you!
damianbezowy replied on at Permalink Reply
Is there some news about 5.7 update? I would love to use your add on!
cd13sr replied on at Permalink Reply
I concur!

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