Pasted code gets altered during sending via this mailing list addon

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I've been experimenting with the HTML email builder -
The template is easy to make, then export.

If I manually send/test this template to Thunderbird, Outlook 2013, Office365, Gmail etc... surprising it renders lovely! Amazing I thought...

So I paste the template into this mailing list addon, but during the send it seems to alter what I have pasted. This results in some odd layout in Outlook 2013.

My question is: Can we tell your addon not to check/alter the code during sending? Just look for the "magic tokens" and merge the user attributes in.

I have attached two sample files (make diff with winmerge or similar to see the many changes)
1) the template as generated with Klaviyo
2) the template after it has been pasted/previewed in Mailing List addon

Thanks for any help/advice on this. We are trying to find a nice friendly way to build this newsletters, Klaviyo appeared to good idea at the time....


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