Send process crashed. Unknown error.

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I keep getting an Interrupted status on mailings, with the message "Send process crashed. Unknown error." It will send a few e-mails, then stop. It can be manually resumed, but will only send a few more before crashing. The e-mails that make it out are being logged on the reports page, as far as I can tell.

My hosting company imposes SMTP sending limits. I can send messages to up to 200 recipients per hour when using PHP, and 100 per hour when using SMTP. Therefore, I haven't tried SMTP, and would prefer to stick with PHP. I have the Mailing List configured to slow down sending of e-mails, to one every 25 seconds. Max run time is 0 minutes, auto-restart is 5 minutes.

How can I get more information as to why the sending process is crashing?


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Hello? Anyone there?

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