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Media Library

The perfect suite for delivering groups of video and audio on Concrete5 website! 


  • Create your own photo/audio/video gallery
  • File Manager extensions for your videos
  • HTML5 for iOS support (audio and H.264 videos)
  • Full support for externally hosted files
  • Support for files hosted on YouTube or Vimeo
  • Support for custom video thumbnail images
  • Support for podcasts (Beta)

The Media Library add-on leverages the power of Concrete5 file sets to make it easy to host groups of video or audio content on your website. The Media Library block sorts your files by date, title, or in Concrete 5.4.1, by custom display order. It pages automatically, and also generates an RSS feed for your content.

You can use the installed File Manager extensions to preview videos or generate your own thumbnails, or you can use the added file attributes to toggle download links for each file or add your own custom thumbnail image. Title, description and tags for each file are used when they are displayed. You can filter each Media Library block by tag, or you can add a Media Library Tags block to automatically create a tag list to let the user filter the Media Library block themselves. This functionality is similar to how the Concrete5 Marketplace lets you filter add-ons by category.

You can add externally hosted files by creating a text file with the URL of the file and uploading it into the File Manager. Add it to your file set and update its Title, Description and Tags as you would other files. If you specify a YouTube or Vimeo URL in your text file, it will be embedded using the YouTube or Vimeo player automatically.

If you would like to use a YouTube video, try to format the URL so it is similar to this example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OBlgSz8sSM. If you would like to use a Vimeo video, try to format the URL so it is similar to this example: http://vimeo.com/6816870

Initial support for podcasting has been added as well. If you enable RSS on a Media Library block, you can add iTunes-specific tags to support podcasting. If you are attempting to use the podcasting features and encounter any difficulties, please let me know. I'll be more than happy to improve the add-on to make sure it works.

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License Terms

Concrete5 add-ons are licensed on a per-site basis. That means you need to purchase add-ons multiple times before you can use them on multiple sites.

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Version History

Version 1.6.1: Added support for photos

Version 1.6.0: Added external file support, Vimeo support and support for the "Custom Thumbnail" file attribute

Version 1.5.0: Improved support for Concrete 5.4.1 and for MP4 videos

Version 1.4.7: Added support for YouTube videos

Version 1.4.5: Added HTML5 video and audio support for certain devices

Version 1.4: Automated thumbnail support for Concrete 5.4

Version 1.3: Added support for tag filtering



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