Does the add-on work out of the box?
Yes, once installed it is automatically enabled. Be aware though, minification is disabled for registered users by default. Also, dashboard pages won't be minified. Please note that if you have full page caching enabled, you should empty the cache to see any changes!

Could this add-on break my site?
Well, it depends. It could cause problems with HTML structure, rendering, JavaScript, etc. It's safe to experiment with though. It's just the HTML output that's being altered, not the pages themselves. However, I definitely recommend site owners to check several pages in cognito to see if everything works as expected. If your website has a lot of HTML, it's W3C valid and you know some coding, I'd say you're good to go.

Minification doesn't work, help?!
HTML minification won't work when:

  • The add-on is disabled (enable it via Dashboard / System & Settings / Optimization / Minify HTML)
  • The page contains an error (e.g. it doesn't exist anymore)
  • The page is a dashboard page
  • You are logged in with a user that can edit pages
  • When you visit a page that has been cached before installing the add-on (to fix this, empty the cache)
  • Minification is disabled for that specific page (uncheck it via Page Settings / Attributes)

Why is minification disabled for dashboard pages?
It can potentially break things. For example, it doesn't work well with JavaScript templates.

My page renders differently after installing Minify HTML
If you encounter problems, disable the add-on and check the page again. If you think the minification causes problems, please submit a support ticket. Also, make sure your HTML is valid. A good checker is the one from W3C: https://validator.w3.org

Is the code up-to-date?
If you run 8.4.0 or higher, you'll be served with a newer version of the add-on.