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Mobile Theme Switcher

This add-on is deprecated.

After version 5.6 this feature is part of the core CMS. More information is in the documentation.

Want to make your site easier to read and navigate on devices like iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android-powered phones? If your site's design is especially graphic, flash or script-intensive, providing users with a simplified, basic theme will allow them to access the essential info of your site without having to download uneccessary resources.

The Mobile Theme Switcher allows you to select an alternate theme by automatically detecting mobile browsers' user agent strings. Mobile users will see the new theme you've selected, while visitors using traditional browsers (from desktops, laptops, etc) will see your site's regular theme.

Included in this package is Mobile Fone, a basic mobile theme based on Fone by QRdvark.

Note for users of concrete5.6+

The Mobile Theme Switcher is built into the core Dashboard Themes page in concrete5.6 and later, so there's no need to install the Mobile Theme Switcher package on such sites.

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