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Review posted by johnmbrimelow on at

Background Video

I bought this add-on because the Framework theme background video wasn't working. When the Framework theme's background video was working, it didn't play on mobile devices. More Block Template's background video works seamlessly with Framework, displays video on desktop and mobile devices...Bravo! Great code! Thanks
Review posted by PaiviK on at


This add-on works, looks great and is easy to modify - not that there is much need. It's an easy way to expand C5 own tools. Saves my time!
Review posted by eivissa89 on at

Very good tool – great developer

The templates are just nice!
Easy to handle and very clean. The support is more than good I am really glad to have bought it. :)
Review posted by studio108 on at

Great Add-on!

Firstly, it's a shame that not enough people take the time to write a review!
This add-on gave me exactly what I needed and more...
In this instance, I just needed the animated page list filtering template. It works brilliantly and I found it easy to modify to meet my design needs.
Personally, I think there should be more template based add-ons like this.

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