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hi there,

I have downloaded and installed your add on with no error. However I am not sure how to use it. The main part I wish to use is the video background part. Do you have a guide on how to use in certain blocks?


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melange replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi again,

I have managed to see if I add a content block I see the add on listed there. But the main purpose I want to use your addon is the [ video as entire background ] can you explain how to set that up ?

jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

here are the instructions on how to use the add-on:

(Refer to the Video Block or Youtube Block sections, depending on the type of video you plan to use)


mackadmin replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi There,
I would love to know how to turn the voice of a background video on auto.

Best Regards
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

Are you using the Youtube block? If so, you'll need to edit the template file directly.

Edit the following file: /packages/more_block_templates/blocks/youtube/templates/mbt_background_video/view.php

Change line 8 from:

$settingMute = "false";


$settingMute = "true";

Hope this helps,


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