MBT Backgroundvideo only shows up in edit mode

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I use mbt addon, everything worked fine.
I dont know what I did, but it doesnt work anymore. The video only shows up in edit mode but not in guestview.
Are there any ideas how to solve the problem?
Thanks Chris!

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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

so two things occur to me:

1. If you added the block to a page, is the page published/approved or only saved?

2. If you added the block to a global area, are the changes in the global area published/approved? You can try going to Dashboard -> Stacks & Blocks, select "View Global Areas" from the dropdown and make sure the latest version is approved/published.

Also, if you post a link to the page I can have a look.

chrisizang1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank u Jordi for your answer.
If u Can take a look on my site it Would be great.
The address is: http://web10092.web4.mynet.at/index.php...

If u need the login just tell me.
As I told u, the mbt Addon worked allready.
I put a backgroundvideo on the startsite.
Thanks Chris!
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

So the problem is your theme is not loading jQuery.

When you're logged in, the concrete5 dashboard loads jQuery, so the video works.

If you're not logged in, jQuery is not being loaded so the video does not work.

To solve this, I'd recommed loading jQuery in your theme.

You'd need to edit the page_theme.php file and find a function called registerAssets. Then add this line within the function:

$this->requireAsset('javascript', 'jquery');

If you can't find the function, then add the function within the PageTheme class like this:

public function registerAssets()
    $this->requireAsset('javascript', 'jquery');

(I'd recommend having a backup of the page_theme.php file in case something goes wrong)



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