more content block seems not work proprerly on some features running c5 8.0.3

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hallo, the more content block seems not work proprerly on some features running c5 8.0.3

- on content block, the mbt_lightbox dispalys only a big grey background

- on image slider block, applying mbt_background_slider on standard slider dispalys nothing (meaning slider disappears as a block)

- on image block, applying mbt_lightbox_gallery on standard image dispalys the background of all area filled with gray, and standard link to page does not work

- on youtube block, with mbt_background_video in main area.. plays only in footer !! (strange !!)

testimonial block works fine
page list works fine
FAQ block works fine

can you help me please ?
kind regards

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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Michele,

the add-on was designed for 5.7, but it should also work fine with 5.8.

As for the issues you mention:


The "mbt_ightbox" template allows you to open the content of the block in a lightbox. You can find the instructions on how to use the "mbt_lightbox" here ("How to open a Content Block in a lightbox?"):

Basically you need to select a background image for the block and optionally enter a name. Otherwise you will only see a grey square. If you click on it, you should see a lightbox with the content of the block.

Also, if you want to change the size of the block, you should create a layout first (with several columns) and add the block to one of the columns (in the demo site, you can see that there is a layout with 4 columns: )



The "Lightbox Gallery" template allows you to open a lightbox gallery from a fileset. You can find the instructions here ("How to open a fileset as a lightbox gallery?"):

Basically you need to create a fileset with the images you want to open in the lightbox gallery. If you check the demo site, you'll see this template does not open a page, it opens a lightbox gallery (a popup with a gallery inside). Again, you'll need to create a layout if you want the block to be smaller.



As stated in the marketplace page and in the documentation:

"Some themes (such as Elemental) use a solid color as the page background. You'll need to remove that color or make it semi-transparent, or the background video will not be visible. Check out the documentation for more information."

You can check the documentation for these templates here (under "How to add a background slider to the entire page?" and "How to add a background video to the entire page?"):

Basically you need to remove or change the opacity of the "page background" to make sure it does not interfere with the template. For instance, in Emental the footer does not have a background color, that's why you see the video only in the footer.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,


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