After you drag the block into an area, a block form will pop up. The first tab of the form is for entering the Twitter feed details. The Twitter username is required for the widget to display. The Twitter Feed Title allows you to add an optional feed title.




The second tab of the form controls the feed settings.


Tweets to Display

Control the number of tweets to display, from 1 to 20.


Show User

Show or hide the Twitter user thumbnail image, user name, and profile name.

Show Posted Time

Show or hide the tweet posted time.


Show User Interaction

Show or hide the Reply, Retweet, and Favorite links for each tweet.

Show Retweets

Show or hide retweets.

Show Tweet Images

Show or hide the tweet images.

Open Links in New Window

Control whether links in tweets are opened in a new window or tab.

Tweet Divider

Add a horizontal divider between tweets.

Max Width

Set the width of the Twitter feed. When a width is not set, or set to 0, the default max-width will be 520px.

Feed Padding

Add padding to the Twitter feed container. 


The third tab of the form controls the color and text settings.


Feed Theme

Choose between no theme, light, or dark. Setting a feed theme will override font and divider colors.


Background Color

The background color will be set for the entire feed container. Setting a background color is optional.


The units for max-width, padding, and font size are in pixels. Only a number is required.