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Multimedia BOX

Multimedia BOX 2.0

Multimedia Box is your one-step, simple solution for handling all the media on your concrete5 site.

Now you can link directly to all your files in a simple and direct manner that is both intuitive and easy. An advanced backend interface uses drag and drop ordering much like repositioning elements on a page.

Choose whatever thumbnail size you like in the Advanced options tab. You can also change the way the icons are displayed on your page from a variety of css determined styles. What a different style to match your page. Easily create it in the external css file and your done.

File types natively supported:

  • Flash (only swf, not video)
  • Quicktime
  • Sounds (.mp3 files)
  • Images
  • YouTube videos
  • Vimeo Videos
  • Webpages (in an iframe)
  • Add a attribute named 'url' to your image, quicktime, mp3 and the block load the remote file. (ideal for some files hosted in other place).
  • Retrieve automaticly the size of your flash file
  •  Create fileset with flash, mp3, mov and the block will create a gallery.

Additionally you can choose to display entire filesets for a new kind of instant gallery or showcase of movies. Attributes from the files or video links are used for the title.

All files open in a javascript lightbox centered in your page for distraction free viewing.

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