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If you would like an amazing blogging platform for your website that can do far, far more than any system designed for only blogging, this deal is for you.

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Get ready to change your whole way of creating content!

Do you get bored and frustrated having to add multiple blocks to put everything that you want on the page? Wish that you could just have a single rich text editor for your blog posts and still include youtube videos, flickr images, and more? Are you tired of rich media plugins that are now a few years old and not compatible with your shiny new responsive site?

Then Oembed is the Add-On for you!

What is it? Basically, it's a protocol that allows websites to specify what content to extract from a URL. You know how when you enter a URL on twitter or facebook, and it turns into a video or an image with description and title? That's using Oembed.

And now you can have that on your concrete5 site!

When you've installed Oembed, you get an extended page list block and an extended content block that let you do the same thing. Either put a URL in with itself in a paragraph tag, or encase it in [oembed]url[/oembed]. When you publish the page it is converted into the content from the linked site automatically.

Seriously, it's that simple. And what's more, you can also control many details about what is shown. 

Configurable Embed Options:

  • Width and Height on the page
  • Title
  • Author (link?)
  • Provider (link?)
  • Description
  • Enable Lightbox
    • Max Width
    • Max Height

You can set these options on a site-wide basis, then override in the content blocks or page list blocks.

Default Providers:

  • Youtube
  • Flickr
  • Viddlr
  • Qik
  • Hulu
  • Vimeo
  • i-fixit
  • smugmug

Other providers will be added as time goes on. An interface to allow you to add your own provider specifications is also on the road map.

If these aren't enough, you can get over 250 providers by signing up for the free (up to 5000 urls per month) service embed.ly.

Block Types:

There is a content block that handles Oembed urls, and then a page list block that does as well. There are also custom templates for the built in page list. 

Advanced Page List:

For the page list style block, you can specify exactly what you would like to display for content in the list. You can choose from any attribute in the "Oembed Page Attributes" category. You can also use the page description or an area on the page.

That's not all this list can do - it also allows you to split content differently. Instead of stripping all HTML tags and then shortening your content to a certain number of characters, you can use the 'pagebreak' button (on the Advanced or Office tinyMCE layouts) instead. This means that you can include full rich formatting (plus the embeds!) in your previews! It is managed via a helper that you can use in your own custom templates quite easily.

Another option this page list has the ability to display pinned posts at the top of the page list!

Integrated With Composer:

The content block is designed to display properly in composer, so that it can be used with your custom page types very easily. The tabs and all the options for overriding work seamlessly with the composer interface.

Customizable Caching:

You can cache the URLs that are requested using the built in cache. There is a dashboard page to configure how long these URLs are valid for, from one second to 1000 years or more.

If the content you are linking to doesn't change often, you can set this to be pretty high and keep your usage for embed.ly low. If things are looking off, you can clear the cache like you would for any other concrete5 add on.

Fully Responsive By Design: 

The content and lightbox used should work with any responsive theme. No worries about content not working with your design. You just put in the URL, and Oembed handles the rest.

Built for Integration:

For developers, there's also a helper function that allows you to specify your own output templates for each embed type. You can set this on a per-template basis, utilizing a simple object to specify the paths to the elements (or package elements) you want to use. 

The options form has also been designed to work in as many places as possible, so that you can create your own custom blocks utilizing it. To save, just use the helper, pass in the options to a 'saveBlockOptions' function. Easy-peasy.

If you are interested in creating package offers to integrate with your marketplace add ons, please contact me via PM and let me know!

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