Current Version

Review posted by codentia on at

Good plugin - thanks!

Works really nicely out of the box - great!
Review posted by pdcouto on at

A MUST have

Easy to use, doen't need to touch code. Works on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. A must have, I'm adding this to all my C5 sites.

Before 2.0

Review posted by lackadaize on at

Nice Add-on

Great Add-on. Would be nice if there were more social tags included (additional facebook tags and google tags, etc.) but really you can just paste the code for these tags into the header extra content if you need. Either way this is a nice interface for the client to use without having to get into any coding. I'll be using this in the future for sure.
Review posted by ArchiCentre on at

Nice add-on using latest Facebook Open Graph Protocol

Hi hissy,
Thanks for writing this add-on, it really helped with promoting my wife's art portfolio site using the new open graph tags.
The ability to set a page attribute to 'map' to the open graph tags is especially useful.

I noticed this add-on doesn't show up using 'Facebook' in the search bar of the Marketplace. I stumbled upon it searching for 'Open Graph'.
I'm sure there would be others interested in it who would be searching for 'Facebook' or 'Facebook Like Button'. Especially when the Facebook Like Button add-ons in Marketplace use the old protocols that pre-date Open Graph.


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