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Opt-In Pro - Pop-ups & Slide-ins


Convert your visitors to contacts and create new opportunities for engagement!


With Opt-In Pro you can

  • Increase sign-ups for newsletters
  • Show site-wide campaigns based on time and date 
  • Ask for e-mail in exchange for download
  • Push an extra message about your product, service, or a “read next” box
  • Create a social box for your FB-page

Opt-In Pro gives you the advantages to

  • Be up and running in 2 min with a big selection of pre-made templates
  • Use your own stack to display your own content
  • Have multiple triggers (visits, time, scroll) for display and hide, or exit intention
  • Run multiple campaigns on same page with different triggers
  • Create submit actions, to show message, redirect or send e-mail to user
  • Be creative with custom overlay color and a range of animations
  • Connect your own forms to the e-mail sign up feature.

Opt-In Pro is the powerhouse add-on for creating pop-ups or slide-ins with ease and flexibility. It’s a great foundation for quickly getting started or going more advanced with custom content. The useful functions and a simple workflow makes Opt-In an enjoyable tool.


Administration features

  • Create your campaigns from the front-end or in the dashboard 
  • List subscribers and export contact information from dashboard
  • Read / Write access through Concrete5 Task Permissions
  • Duplicate campaigns to avoid entering same content multiple times

Opt-In Pro has the same features you will find in the nearest Opt-In SaaS-solution but without the monthly charges. You pay only once per site, and will keep the workflow in the familiar concrete5 environment. All future upgrades are free as well!


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Opt-In Pro is also available for Concrete 5.7 


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