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Orbit Image Slider


Orbit is a Responsive jQuery Image Slider offered by Zurb as part of it's Foundation framework, and has been designed to work with fluid / responsive web layouts. The aim of this add-on is to wrap the Orbit slider and it's core functionality up into an easy to use and configurable concrete5 block, making it a breeze to add a responsive image gallery to your website.

This add-on comes with a number of configurable options...

  • Four different slider animation types - Horizontal Push, Horizontal Slide, Fade, Vertical Push
  • Show / hide the slider previous / next navigation arrows
  • Show / hide the slider navigation bullets
  • Include captions with each slide
  • Have image link to another page when clicked
  • Turn on / off the slider auto play
  • Set the duration for which each slide is displayed
  • Set the container width so nav buttons align correctly


When adding the slider to a page, it is important that the container that the slider sits within, is the same width or narrower than the width of the images. This ensures that the Navigation Arrows line up with the edges of the images. The container width can be set using the Container Width configuration option.

It is also important to understand that the responsiveness of the slider is dependent on your website being designed with responsive design principles, such as using a concrete5 theme like Flexcrete.

At this stage the slider does not support using both captions and clickable images at the same time - ie you need to configure the slider for one option or the other.

One more point to note - the slider works with images of different sizes.


Sales have ended due to EOL

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