Extending with Package Magic

The full version of Package Magic extends Package Magic Starter with facilities to generate, check, upload, install and manage package zip files from your site dashboard:

  • Control of package validation checks and detailed validation diagnostics.
  • Examination of package content.
  • Choice of package sources: direct upload, via the concrete5 file manager, from a URL or file path, from FTP or SFTP, from local 'repository' directories.
  • Zip up packages and download them.
  • Choice of package destinations: direct download, to the concrete5 file manager, to a URL or file path, to FTP or SFTP, to local 'repository' directories.
  • Manage package translations.
  • Force a package update.
  • Edit package versions.
  • Build tools to help create, validate and manage packages.

See Package Magic in the concrete5.org marketplace and at c5magic.co.uk for more information.