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Page Auto Redirect

Adds page attribute: 'Page Auto Redirect', that redirects current page automatically based on selected option.

Options for redirection:

  1. First child page - redirects to the first child page ( based on site map order ).
  2. Newest child page - will redirect to the newest / most recently published child page.  
  3. Random child page - will redirect to a random child page
  4. Parent page - redirect page to its parent page ( works well for pages only meant for page list display )

*If no child page exists no redirect happens.

* add-on & icon based on Page Redirect add-on by Mnkras



Working with redirected pages

When trying to add pages under the parent page, with a redirect applied, it will always add the page under the page targeted by the redirect.

For now, the only way around this is to add pages through the sitemap.




Prior to Page Auto Redirect 2.0 which solves this issue (thanks Yogi), when redirecting to the first child of a parent page using the Page Auto redirect plugin, the urls contains index.php (pretty urls are activated).

So you get one page with two different urls (one containing the 'index.php' and one does not ).  

A simple solution to this, is to add the following code to config/site.php

define("URL_REWRITING_ALL", true);

*thank you Sambody for posting this in the forums.  

*this issue has been resolved in version 2.0 

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