Installing this Add-On

Installing the Add-On and the redirect on a page

Upon installation, the only thing you need to do is go to your sitemap and click on the page you want to redirect. A menu will pop up where you select “Attributes” (should be in the third section of this menu). By doing this, a window will pop up with all available attributes on the left and the page attributes already applied on the right. If you haven’t applied Page Child Redirect yet, you will notice this attribute will be at the very bottom of the available attributes. Search for Page Child Redirect and click it. After clicking this, it will be added to your list of page attributes. Now select one of the available options and choose a 301 or 302 redirect (301 is standard, you are able to select none if you want to, this is just good practice for Google in most cases – you can find alla bout this on the internet). When you’re happy with the selected options, click “Save Changes” on the bottom right of this window popup and your page will redirect!