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Review posted by Steevb on at

Great Add on

Perfect as is, but with a little tweak to the view.php I can make tell different story. i.e. page views for the month!
Review posted by TorstenKelsch on at

What the customers want

In general, those counters are so out of time, so year 2000, and the information is useless anyway. If you need useful data for analysis, use Google Analytics or Piwik. Honestly.

But sometimes a page hit counter is what a web designer’s customer wants so bad. No discussions. So, this add-on is perfect, because it does what those old-fashioned customers want.
Review posted by anchoredbutterfly on at

Does what it should

Good job, thanks :)
Review posted by GrizliK on at

Page Hit Counter

Simple Hit Counter, that's what i need.

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