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Review posted by SpectrumMarketing on at

Amazing add-on

This is a great tool that can be used for nearly every project. Excellent add-on, and even better support!
Review posted by tallacman on at

The Superman Addon

This block can solve any just about any need you have with page lists.
Review posted by rdmedia on at

Great Timesaver

This add-on is making my latest project work really well. So may features that I can use to display all sorts of information from different parts of the site. It's helping me get important information into the home page that should help site visitors find the latest info. Thank you!
Review posted by 5fly on at

Excellent Add-On

This is a great addition to any developer or designers toolkit. Certainly makes our lives easier and is used on many of our websites.
Review posted by enlil on at

Best page list solution in the marketplace...

I've spent numerous hours and days trying to get other page list add-ons and templates to perform like I want them to. Then I downloaded Page List Plus. Hands down, the BEST page list alternative in the C5 marketplace!! Would recommend to ANYONE looking for better page list functionality and design!!
Review posted by madeforspace on at

A Six Star Block

This block is absolutely incredible.
If you want to filter and sort pages in any number of ways then this is for you.
I must admit I found it a bit daunting at first but having been in contact with the developer I had an epiphany and a whole range of possibilities was opened up to me, thank you Dave.
Fantastic Block, awesome support and I will be getting more for future projects.

Why can't we give six stars :)
Review posted by ronyDdeveloper on at

Great add-on

I've used this add-on recently in one of my clients project. Its just fabulous. I like it very much!

Review posted by dsw528 on at

Amazing add-on! Superb Support!

This add-on is by far one of the best ways that I have seen to generate a list of specific pages that you want displayed. The amount of filters are astounding, and extremely helpful. There are tons of customization options to choose how to display and filter your data.
Found a bug in the add-on, and it was fixed in a couple hours. The author responds very fast, and was very helpful.
This is the add-on I have been looking for! Definitely recommend this add-on to all users! 5/5!
Review posted by leinteractive on at

My New Favorite Addon

The more and more I've been using this, the more I find new ways to output data! I've used this on the last dozen or so sites we've built because it does everything we need and then some.

Very cool!
Review posted by emkamal on at

Super great useful add on

I use this add on a lot... on many places... the options is so versatile that it can be used on so many context

totally satisfied with the plugin
Review posted by madelyn on at

PageList Better!!!

We needed to show pages based in custom attributes like thematics and grade, for alumnos and teacher, and Page List Plus was the solution. Better we are using like page list replace.

I recomend with five stars.

Madelyn :-)
Review posted by tduncandesign on at

Great add-on

I needed a page list mod to show pages based on custom attributes for a page's properties, and Page List Plus allowed me to build the nav I needed. It works great!
Review posted by clocktower on at

Awesome Extended Features

If you want a news section with news articles broken down by year, and DON'T want to use the Date Nav, this is the block for you.

Of course, it can do so much more. But that's the problem it solved for me.

Support was great, and a small problem with the date filters was fixed promptly. I highly recommend this add-on.
Review posted by yasioo on at

Works great!

In my opinion necesarry block on every website. Works just great.
I agree with a previous user about super fast support.

Review posted by Knorpel on at

Very fast Support - Great

The Package had two small Bugs but they were fixed within a day (the first was allready fixed when i was posting it ;-) ).

Very fast and helpful support. Now the Plugin Works like a charm.

Right on!

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