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Hi, we're developing a small blog function and we need a way to show related blog posts by tag.

I'm not sure if this addon can do what we want.

We've got blog posts with a tags attribute added. When viewing one specific blog post we want to fetch and preview all other blogs posts tagged with the same tags as the current post.

For example:
- Tag 1
- Tag 2
- Tag 3

Blog post 1 is tagged with "Tag 2" and "Tag 3". When viewing Blog post 1 we would like to fetch all other blog posts tagged with either "Tag 2" or "Tag 3" and display a preview of them.

Is this possible with this addon?


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SkyBlueSofa replied on at Permalink Reply
I believe this is what you're looking for. You can use this with select attributes. I haven't updated for use with the 'topic' attribute type.

You could choose to filter the page list plus to match any 'tags' from the current page; then you would get a resultset of pages with either tag2 or tag3.

You could also choose to filter to match all 'tags' from current page; then you would get a resultset of pages with both 'tag2' and 'tag3'.
linderoths replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi! Thanks for the reply :)

I really can't get this to work with tags. I tried your solution but it seems to fetch all items no mather what.

I even tried to change the pagelist+ to only show pages which tas is "tag1". I made sure I hade one page tagged with "tag1". But it still fetched all the pages.

I'm I doing anything wrong here?

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