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Hi, We want to have a set of check boxes in the sidebar to filter the page list results in the main area of the page. If any of the checkboxes are selected the pages with those page attributes would be displayed. Can we do that with this block? thanks

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SkyBlueSofa replied on at Permalink Reply
The addon does, indeed, provide this functionality.

To setup the site:
* Add a 'Select' page attribute with the values you'd like to have in the sidebar, or
* Add multiple checkbox attributes, one for each value

To setup the sidebar filter:
* Add a Page List+ block to the sidebar.
* Tick the 'Use Search', 'Show Search Form', both 'Submit form...' boxes, 'Show Search Filters'
* Tick the 'Show select attributes as checkboxes' if you are using select attributes
* Tick each one of the filters (checkbox and/or select attributes) you are using
* Save the block

To setup the main results:
* Add a Page List+ block to the main section
* Tick the 'Use Search', 'Show Search Form'
* Tick each one of the filters (checkbox and/or select attributes) you are using
* Tick the 'Show Search Results', and 'Get results from ajax'
* Under 'Filters' tab, tick each attribute you are using (the same ones as the last step) and select 'Matches search value' from the dropdown
* On Search tab, untick the 'show search form' box
* Save the block

The Page List+ block in the main section is the one that does all the heavy lifting. It is the one that you'll need to setup to filter out page types and area of the site. The block in the sidebar will only be used for selecting the filtered attributes.

It can be tricky. One way to get things working properly is to start with only one Page List+ block instance. This block would be configured with both the form and the results. Get it setup properly and then duplicate the settings to the sidebar. Once it's duplicated, you can turn off the form functionality for the main section and the results functionality for the sidebar.

After you get it all working right, then either update the CSS or create a custom template for the sidebar to get it looking the way you want.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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