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Page Mapper ( Google Maps )

Update!: new demo here

Page Mapper was created for websites where you need to associate content with maps. This app absolutely shines for concerts, events, or film/music festivals, vacation rentals, realtor caravans, tourism websites(labeled beaches, etc), sports, team schedules etc.

Maps are created in the dashboard where there is plenty of room for the UI to spread out without being restricted in the add/edit block UI. Map items can be added by clicking the map, or you can enter an address and geocode(latitude, longitude lookup from address), and if you provide an address your visitors can get directions directly from google(uses google maps site to ensure compatability/printing etc). In the dashboard, if you want to remove an item, you simply double click it and it is gone(but not until you hit save).

Map items can also have a custom icon which is either set in the dashboard, or you can set it via a collection attribute(these override dashboard selected icons).

Page Mapper also takes in-context editing to the next level for zoom, centering and map type. With page-mapper there are no text fields to manipulate to get the zoom, centering or map type correct on the public side of the site. You simply tweak it until it looks exactly how you want, save it, and you are done! Don't worry, all your permissions stay intact and are respected.

Since the map blocks are views of the same collections of pages, it is simple to copy blocks, change views, or highlight a particular area of a map without having to create and manage a bunch of blocks.  For example, if you manage a soccer team, you can make a map of every location where you have a match, then for each respective match you could copy that map block, put it on its respective page, and zoom in further or provide a different view so parents know exactly how to get there.  Maybe you want the marker on the far right of the map so you can show exactly where the highway is? That is no problem with this addon.

So if you need some pages mapped, this is exactly what you need!


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