Pagelist gallery is an enhanced pagelist block which acts as a gallery powered by Isotope js. You can add multiple instances of this block on a page. It's simple and easy to use especially if you're already familiar with the pagelist block and all its standard functionality.

Step by step guide for beginners

1. Install Pagelist gallery block
2. After installation, the Pagelist gallery block should appear on the block panel
3. Drag it to any area of your site (ideally the main or content area)
4. A user interface should pop-up with a lot of options which I will describe and explain below

  • Number of Pages to Display - This option will let you limit the number of pages the block will display. Leave it blank to display all pages
  • Pagetype - Filter the pages to display by their pagetype
  • Tag filter - When the pages are displayed, the unique tags each page uses will appear as a filter. Disabled by default.
  • Image Count - The gallery/page items are all integrated with a lightbox feature and will have a counter at the bottom if you enable this option.
  • Number of Columns - Choose how many columns your grid will have. (2 columns to 6 columns.)
  • Topics - Filter pages by topics - default C5 feature
  • Filter by Public Date - You can filter the items displayed by the date it has been published
  • Other Filters - Core filters for pages
  • Location - Choose where the block finds the pages to display
  • Sort - Sort the pages by the options provided (most recent, earliest, alphabetically, etc.)
  • Output - Manage how your pages are displayed. The page name and page description are displayed in the lightbox

5. When you have chosen the options you want, click save and you should see the pages displayed in an isotope format similar to the demo

Note: The Pagelist Gallery block will display the images used by the page's thumbnail attribute

After placing the Pagelist Gallery block on a page you might see items with the "no image" placeholder. Below are the steps to add images to those items.

Steps on how to add images to your Pagelist gallery items:

  1. Go to the page of the gallery item with the "no image" placeholder
  2. Click the settings icon
  3. Click attributes
  4. Locate the Thumbnail attribute
  5. Choose an image to use as a thumbnail
  6. Save and publish

This addon will install attributes that will help you customise how the Pagelist gallery behave/displayed. See below:

**All these attributes will appear on all pages of your site.

Unlink Page Attribute:
 It will remove the link icon when you hover over the Pagelist gallery item. This will leave only the lightbox feature.

External Link Attribute:
 Allows you to select an external url as the link to your Pagelist gallery item.

Thumbnail large Attribute:
 Choose a larger image to display when viewing on lightbox.

Custom templates:

*Default (non-selected) - Shows the button link and lightbox button on image hover
*No Buttons - Displays images and the title but removes the buttons for lightbox and link. Title is now the link.