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Panic Button (c5.6)

Use the keyboard 'Esc' key as a site wide panic button or add a visible Panic Button to  pages. Hit 'Esc' or click the button and off you go anywhere on the web.

Where the Esc key takes you is fully configurable through a dashboard page.

The addon also includes a bootsrap styled 'Panic Button' block, so you can add a visible panic button to your site. Configurable through the dashboard for:

  • Button Text eg. 'Panic'
  • URL to jump to eg. http://www.google.com
  • Optional associated advice message. eg. "Safety Warning. Clicking the Panic Button or Hitting the Escape key at the top left of your keyboard will jump you away from this site. Your computer use can be monitored by others! Web browsers keep a history of where you have been! Consider using a public computer or a friend's computer or Escape now."

The Panic Button block comes with a number of templates:

  • Button with advice message
  • Button with advice message and boxed outline
  • Button with advice message as a tooltip
  • Button only
  • Unstyled Link

Free to worthy causes!

If you are building a web site for a worthy cause, contact me first and I will grant you a free licence. (For example, crisis centres)

Bear in mind that unless specifically configured not to do so, web browsers keep a history of where users have been. Panic Button cannot erase the browser history!

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Sales have ended due to EOL

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