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Paypal Digital Delivery

This package allows users to sell any form of digital media via PayPal on an item by item basis.

This package produces ONLY the button and not the sales pitch/advert for the item being sold. There are other blocks such as the Content block for this.

This item DOES NOT require Core Commerce or any other C5 addon to function.


  • Can be used 'live' or with PayPals developer sandbox*.
  • Fully customisable button for a style to fit any site.
  • Conforms to PayPals Encrypting Web Payments for the best payment security possible** (optional)
  • Obfuscates the standard button code for greater security. (default)
  • Multiple layout templates included.
  • Optional timeout to 'expire' downloads.
  • Limit the number of times the resource sold can be downloaded.
  • Uses customiseable email templates for buyer & seller.
  • Requires a 'Key' to be entered to download the resource. Key & link are sent to buyers PayPal verified email address.
  • Has it's own dashboard to manage transactions. Functions available via the dashboard are...
    • Displays transaction & download information.
    • Create new links & expire/kill current ones.
    • Provides a direct link to the download for checking/testing purposes.
    • Ability to email buyer with current or new link & key.
    • Link to page that generated the sale.
    • Link to PayPal to help manage transactions.

*Note: If using the paypal sandbox for testing you will need to setup both buyer and seller sandbox accounts (fully verified with bogus bank details) linked to email accounts you can check.

 **Note: If setting up the Encryption side of things you will need Certificates generated to the X.509 standard certificate format and saved as .pem files. More information can be found here... Encrypted Web Paymets ... and here... Certificates

 I will only offer limited support for encryption & sandbox issues.

If you purchase this addon and have problems that I cannot support, fix or reconcile to your satisfaction then I will have no problem refunding you.

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