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Photo Swipe

PhotoSwipe - The web image gallery for your mobile device

Inspired by the iOS photo viewer and Google images for mobile, PhotoSwipe is a HTML/CSS/JavaScript based image gallery specifically targeting mobile devices.

The current version supports mobile handsets running WebKit based browsers, i.e. iOS, Android and Blackberry 6.

PhotoSwipe also runs great on a desktop and has been tested on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 8 and above and in a limited capacity on Windows Phone 7 (Mango).

  • Optimised for mobile devices running a WebKit browser.
  • Runs on modern desktop browsers, including Internet Explorer 8 and above.
  • Multiple input options including swipe gestures (both mouse and screen touches), keyboard control and an interactive on screen toolbar.
  • Responsive to device orientation changes.
  • Automatically scales images to maximise screen size and orientation.
  • Zoom and pan around images
  • Rotate image (iOS only)
  • Slideshow feature to automatically play through images in the gallery.
  • Uses hardware acceleration where possible for smoother transitions and effects
  • Supports single images and file sets
  • Ability to generate mobile optimized images (optional)



Sales have ended due to EOL

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