Once installed, the dashboard page can be found at


In the dashboard menu, select 'System and Settings' and then look for PHP Info under the Environment group.

The page gives options to show phpinfo() for the categories:

  • General
  • Configuration
  • Modules
  • Environment
  • Variables
  • Licence

Use the 'Plain Text' button to toggle the output to plain text for copy/paste to emails, forums, bug reports and support requests.

In case of error....

On some web servers the page may show an error message "Unable to find body of phpinfo response. The addon code may need adjusting to work correctly on this server.". There are two main reasons why this error message could occur:

  1. phpinfo() is not available on your server. For example, a web host may deliberately restrict access to phpinfo() as a security measure.
  2. Your web host has re-formatted phpinfo() to provide an extremely customised output that lacks the <body>...</body> tags this addon keys on.

In either case, an essential diagnostic is to try and run phpinfo() directly as a self-contained script. Create a file called phpinfo.php and upload it by ftp to the root of your web server. The file should contain only:

Now enter the url directly into your browser as "". This will either:
  1. Show an error message because your host does not allow access.
  2. Show the actual phpinfo() output that this addon was unable to process.

When you have finished, always remove the above file from your server. Leaving direct access to phpinfo() can open a serious security breach.

I cannot do anything about (1), that is between you and your web host. I may be able to update this addon to handle (2). You will need to 'save' the web page output from directly running phpinfo() as a file (not as a screengrab - I will need to see the raw html from the page), zip the file up and attach it to a support request. If you are a developer, feel free to save me time by suggesting changes to the code.

More about phpinfo

See for more details about the information provided.