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I've downloaded this custom template along with the login box add-on and its really cool, i like it a lot. But i just can add it on a page as a block and then apply the custom template (pop-up) and it becomes a link that correctly pop-ups when clicked. What i want is to create that link on my footer menu for example, so that when a user click "login" on my footer it pops-up. The menu is on scrapbook and beneaths a particular page. How could i do this?


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12345j replied on at Permalink Reply
this is going to be hard to do, especially if the link is not at the
bottom of the menu. The best way that I can think of is hard code the
scrapbook menu into a php block- with bt->render and all that jazz, and
then hardcode the login block the same way. Then you can just insert the
php block from scrapbook or something like that, and it will be as close
as you can get.

On 5/31/11 6:57 AM, Concrete5 Community wrote:
suso replied on at Permalink Reply
Hmmm... I was having a look at it, and saw that the footer menu from the scrapbook is called from the theme php file. So what i tried is creating a new block in the scrapbook for my login with the pop-up template and called it the same way. It worked, only i have to style the footer a little so that it looks good. I think this is way easier.

Thanks for your quick reply!

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