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Popup Video

Popup video is a block that was created to play videos in a pop-over jQuery tools overlay box.  Add as many videos to the page as you want, choosing from Flowplayer, Vimeo or YouTube as the player formats.  You must have the free Vimeo add-on installed in order to use this add on.

You may add two titles and a description to each popup video, and choose from three different layouts for thumbnail image positioning.  For the link URL you can specify the link text and choose if you are linking to a page from the site map, a URL from a text field, or show the popup video.

If you want to add a library of videos to your page with captions, thumbnail images and popup videos in a variety of formats, this is the add-on for you.


This block was designed with desktop sites in mind, before there really were responsive designs.  The width and height of the popup are definable, but it is NOT a responsive modal.  We are looking into responsive modal options but have not found a good one yet.  If people have suggestions, please PM us with the details - we would love to update the code if we can find a suitable library with a license we can use.


Sales have ended due to EOL

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