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Review posted by nourishu on at

Excellent Add-on and Support!

This is a great way to show off videos on a site. I must way the support is EXCELLENT! For 2 days, Hutman helped me through with instant response to resolve some php conflicts with my theme setting in order for the add-on to work. Thank you Hutman! You are a true professional and it is so good to work with you and have your add-on!
Review posted by chrisjterrell on at


This is perfect for my site. It is a great way to add a lot of videos to a page in an organized fashion
Review posted by digitelle on at

Easy to use

We are using this add-on with Vimeo for the reel portion of a video production company website. It works well. It is easy enough to use the larger sized thumbnails that Vimeo makes, as this add-on does not make them for you.
Review posted by webpresso on at

Very cool video handling

This is a pretty cool addonn for flexible handling for Videos. Very usefull! Thank You!

(Only iPad compatibility for Flowplayer isn't implemented yet - would be a nice feature)
Review posted by Flora on at

Great addon, easy to use

Yes, this add on makes life a lot easier when adding popup videos to a site. I requested an update from the developer to allow an alt tag to be generate for the thumbnail image as this was stopping my page from validating. They generated an update immediately, so thanks for that.
Review posted by davygee on at

Does exactly what it says on the box!

This is a great plugin. We were previous just using the normal popup plugin until we found this and it has saved us countless hours! Currently we are supporting an accommodation based website that houses over 80 properties. We had linked up to 30 videos to these properties using the traditional popup, but now with Popup Video, we can popup the video directly from Youtube without the need for additional pages, this means that we can incorporate a Popup Video into each property in 5 minutes, whereas it normally took up 20-30 minutes thus saving us and our client time and money.

We love this product!!!

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