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Review posted by digitelle on at

Requires adjustment for design but works fantastically.

I was a bit confused at first by the link assignment field but with experiment it quickly became clear how to assign popup action by css id. To make Tony's design match that of my site I had to alter quite a bit of the css in his tony_popup.css file, but after all is said and done it looks and works great.

I used it to pop up a little bit of text flowing around a small picture on a background which was built on a page-type called "popUp" which has its own css as well.
Review posted by shadowcomputers on at

Nice and easy

Nice and easy to use.

Got plenty of options to customise even multiple popups on a page that look different for different links and/or classes

Thank you.
Review posted by meinprotein on at

Great Addon, proficient suppport!

Highly recommended addon: easy to use, superfast and proficient support!

@ Tony: THANKs 4 your work!

Dan Lee, switzerland
Review posted by okapi on at

Cool, exactly what i was looking for!

This addon does actually even more than i had expected! To use it is far from being complicated. I love the flexibility it gives to me.

Review posted by madeforspace on at

Great Addon

Very flexible and nice to use.
So many applications it can be used for that makes it a really powerful tool to have in the box.

Nice one Tony
Review posted by JCinch on at


Really nice addon! Does what it says! Fav addon at the moment! :D
Review posted by PineCreativeLabs on at

Mostly a Good Add-On

This add-on works as advertised, is unobtrusive, and is fairly easy to use. It seems to work will in all browsers. However, I feel that the price is a bit too high, and I wish there was an option to specify an area on another page to popup.
Review posted by ideasponge on at

One of the best

This Addon is one of the best I have seen in the marketplace. Very simple to use if you're not a complete moron.

I use it to provide:
- preview access to different pages
- previews of other websites for portfolios
- and quick access to other content I don't want cluttering up the main page, such as
-- forms
-- larger images
-- and product purchases.
Review posted by Hondo69 on at

Very Flexible

I'm very happy with this Add-On, works as advertised.

Beyond normal uses I also wanted to create a popup of text snippets. Short paragraphs that offer brief explanations kind of like popup help. To accomplish this, I created a new page type then linked to my new pages within the popup.

1. Created new page type, bare bones, full width with no sidebars.

2. I made the page type excluded from NAV, search, etc.

3. Then go into Edit mode and add a new page. Add some content to the main area and exit editing. Note the url when you exit and copy it.

4. When you are on another page just create your popup link as normal, pasting in the url that you copied.

Test the link to make sure the popup works and you should see a nice clean snippet of text.
Review posted by zoinks on at

Way too complicated

Way, way, way to complicated. It would be much easier to explain to a client how to add rel="shadowbox[set];" to the beginning of links in HTML mode (as scary and messy as that TinyMCE html view is) than it would be to try to explain how to use this.

Frankly, this is even too complicated for me to bother with. I open up the first panel and it is completely unintuitive. When I viewed the tutorials, I got a headache. Wonderful and fantastic that it works with other Add-Ons, but that just complicates things even more and ups the price considerably if you're going to use a bunch of Add-Ons to achieve one goal.

I'm sure it's a good product, though, since Tony made it.

I give it 3 stars just on the fact that Tony's Add-Ons actually WORK and aren't broken from the start. Plus, he gives great support. For me, though, this was a waste of $25. At least it works, though.

In contrast, the Gallery Add-On created by created by Concrete5 which is supposedly simpler and sells for $15 was broken from the start and I got no support whatsoever, so I definitely DO NOT recommend that as an alternative.

If you need something like this, this is probably your best bet, but we definitely need more and simpler options.

I hope Tony makes a simpler version because his are the only Add-Ons I'll buy anymore. His are the only Add-Ons I've bought that aren't buggy or flat-out broken!

So, I feel bad about giving 3 stars given that Tony is my favorite Add-On maker, but that grade only reflects difficulty of use.
Review posted by synlag on at

Great addon

Thx Tony, what a time saver!

Review posted by engagingit on at

Very Flexible

Very impressed with this plugin. Used it for a couple of different functions and it works well, including a contact form using the default form block provided by concrete5.

Support is excellent as well, my issues, which I created :), where quicky resolved by tony.

To top it all it integrates well with the stats plugin!!
Review posted by beeman89045 on at

Very nice ...

Was just about to build something like this (albeit simpler - haha) to accomplish the same thing.

Very nice effect with simple implementation. I just added a selector in typography.css for easy assignment within the Editor. Works like a charm.

Using with standard C5 pages for the moment, but will expand to Google Calendar Event pop-ups shortly.
Review posted by BeKindRewind on at

Very useful block

This block is great. Easy to use, and very versatile. You can add multiple blocks to a single page, with different settings, so different links will open in different popups. I'm using it in conjunction with the Calendar add-on, to open calendar events in a popup window. It looks really slick.

There are a few limitations, which Tony discloses. And he was very quick to fix an error I noticed, which is always appreciated.

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