Version History


 - Dropdown for selected template in block works correctly now

 - Themes styles fixes



 - Changes made by user not dissapeared while template is changing in preview area

 - Changed style of plus feature/minus feature buttons

 - Change style of properties button

 - A lot of fixes in themes style

 - use PageSelect widget in properties window

 - use $form widgets width Chart Name and Items count



 - prevent displaying multiple settings box in constructor

 - added t function to form_setup_html.php

 - use full namespaces instead of alises

 - fixed bug with featured items



 - Fixed error with empty template in constructor.php

 - Fixed error with incorrect URLs in constructor.js

 - Added validation on length of text inputs

 - Added translation in  constructor.js



 - replace depricated db->execute() function to db->executeQuery()

 - file_get_contents replaced with Concrete5 API calls

 - replace Core::make to $app->make

 - remove useless database request in block controller

 - turn on cache for block



 - removed "_" function in controller.php

 - removed usless files

 - removed useless functions in controller

 - removed empty folders

 - remove duplicate code in view.php

 - use routes for Ajax urls

 - added notifications in ajax calls

 - editing now avalible for all users

 - removed Loader calls

 - Fixed Save function in block's controller