How Do I Do X?

Below is list of common questions and answers you may have.  We hope you find this very helpful.


How do I use this document?

Hit ctrl(cmd) + F on your keyboard to utilize your browser search. Type a term associated to the issue you are having.


How do I change page types?

You don't. While earlier versions of Concrete5 had a heavy theme dependency on page_types, 5.7+ does not.  Page Types are containers that things attach to, but it is Page Templates that now drive the layout.  You can change your ProBlog Post Page Template by selected a new layout from the "template" pulldown under the options tab when posting or editing. 


How do I Change What Automatically Gets Added to a Post?

From your C5 dashboard toolbar type "Page Types".  Then click on the "output" button for the "ProBlog Post" Page Type. Then click on the "Edit Defaults" button. Place the page in edit mode and add away!


How do I add new blog sections to my site?

  • click on a page in your site map (or create new one)
  • select attributes
  • search for the "Blog Section" attribute and add
  • make sure it is checked and save
  • all done.  you will now see this page as a post location when adding a post in ProBlog

How do I create sub-category blog sections?

  • under your parent blog page, add category pages as needed.
  • for each category page, select/edit it's attributes
  • search for the "Blog Section" attribute, add it, & make sure it is checked.
  • also add the "Exclude From Page List" as well as the "Exclude From Search Index" option and save. 
  • rinse and repeat for all category pages.
  • Next go to each Category page and add a Problog List Block, and set to show all pb_post page_types under that page.  You may also want to add the Problog List Block to the sidebar and change the custom views to category/tag/archive views as desired.
  • Now edit the parent blog page properties and remove/uncheck the "blog section" attribute from that pages attributes..
  • all done.  you will now see these pages as a post locations when adding a post in ProBlog

How do I restrict dashboard access and still allow ProBlog editing in the front end?

  • create a new user group called "Blog Editor"
  • add your user to this group
  • head to your sitemap and add the user group "Blog Editor" permission for "Add Subpage" for both the home page, and your blog section (if you have more than one, you should set both parent blog pages to 'manual' and control accordingly)


 ** this document will be updated regularly as common questions arrise and are answered.