Pro Tips & Tricks

This doc is help you take full advantage of some of ProBlog's more nuanced features and capabilities.

Editing a blog post from the front end

There are two ways to edit Blog Posts from the front end.  The first, and more obvious way, is via Composer.  Navigating to any Blog Post and clicking on the "gear" icon of any post will place that post into composer edit mode.

The second, less obvious way but quite handy, is via the Admin Nav Bar icon.  Browsing your site normally, this cool icon allows you to post Blog entries no matter where you are on your site.  If you notice, normally this icon is an unshaded 'doc' icon. However, you notice when presently viewing any Blog Post page this icon will turn to a shaded doc icon.  This means that you can 'edit' this Blog Post in the front end pop up editor.  Clicking on this button will display all content / data from this post in the editor and add a notification at the top of the editor stating you are editing X Blog Post.