SEO Optimizer


  • when editing your posts and ready to publish, click on the "optimize" tab.
  • all results are actual densities to help guide you in tweaking your content for optimal search engine crawling
  • all results and checklists are simply suggestions, not a requirement of any sort.
  • All densities are post-blockout word averages. Meaning all non SEOable words such as 'and,or,this,that...." ect are removed to provide an actual and true SEO density word use.  Or in other words , results are based on what search engine crawlers are actually acknowledging/seeing.
  • Checklists are available to aid you in optimizing your posts content.  
    • SEO Checklist - (a consistency check of recommended densities)  it's recommended to have all items checked
    • Meta's Checklist -(a meta data check to align your meta data with targeted keyword and keyphrase use)  It's recommended to have all items checked
    • HTML Checklist - (an HTML semantic markup check to help priorities crawled markup) It's recommended to have all items checked


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is centric around the concept of how end users actually type in search terms.  As most end users rarely search for just one keyword, NLP assists Search Engines in exat match search phrases.

The recommended Density of NLP Phrases is 2%.



Keyword Stregth is your typical SEO keyword density metric used to gauge your targeted keyword use and frequency.

The recommended Density of NLP Phrases is 2%.



Link Usage is based on the concept that search engines ultimately are looking for 'authorities' on any given subject matter.  

As such, nofollows and the number of references within an article are typically associated with knowledgeable resource.

Links are checked for:

  • valid URL that resolves correctly
  • link is 'nofollow'

The recommended Density of Links is .5%-1.5%.



Image Usage is yet another way to boost your SEO.  Many posters neglect this area, but with most Search Engines offering independent Image Search Results, they only stand to help in bringing trafic to your site.

Search Engines to in fact check the alt tag of images of additional information. 

The recommended Density of Links is .5%-1.5%.