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Review posted by PatrickHenry on at

A must have...

I love this block! It's a must have for my situation. I work at a small liberal arts college, and quite frankly, we do not have the budget to pay a developer to create all the various communication forms we need—and there are many of them. Everything from college application on the advanced end, down to simple contact forms and visit scheduling forms, ProForms has enabled me to do them all in-house with ease. I was even able to update our old form—which was actually 1 form with 6 alternatives based on answers, such as "Are you a veteran", "Are you a non-traditional student". If answer was yet, then I could display additional form elements for those applicants to fill out, but they are not there by default. This helps the form not appear so long and intimidating, and was a cinch to do.
As for support, I think Walt Disney would have been interested in hiring GoRadiantWeb to help train Disney staff on customer support. Of course, anyone who's been to Disney knows it's first-rate support by-and-large. GoRadiantWeb is on par with that, if not a notch higher!
And for the price, this add-on is a no-brainer. If you only have to make 1 form that's nicer than c5's standard form block, ProForms is worth it just for that. All future forms are just a bonus.

5.0.0 -

Review posted by witwag on at


This is an excellent addon, well worth the money. It does pretty much everything you may want despite a certain learning curve. If you are a beginner with no understanding of logics and fundamentals of concrete5 you will probably be a bit lost. Everyone else should add this to their arsenal. Plus, the support is second to none and I have never seen an addon upgraded so often ! Hardly surprising given who's behind it.
Review posted by PineCreativeLabs on at

A Powerful Package

This addon is powerful solution for creating websites that require complex user input! Due to the flexibility, it is possible do pretty much anything you can think of!

One of my personal favorite features is the ability to set up conditional inputs. This allows for so many possibilities!

Also, the support is prompt, lots of help resources, and is a great value overall!

UPDATE: After numerous updates, there are STILL a lot of issues with some very critical features: Image and media uploading does not work properly, email validation fails, among many other things. I do not think each new version has been tested thoroughly prior to release.

5.1.4 -

Review posted by tallacman on at

Very Powerful

I've used all of the form block addons for concrete5 and this newish entry is the best yet. While I have not revisited Advanced Forms in the recent past, ProForms is reasonably priced and more powerful with more crazy features than you'll be able to fathom. From looking at the options I imagine I'd be a month testing all things this block can do.

The deal maker for me is the ability to register users and assign them to a group. Optionally awaiting admin approval.

Small issue out of the gate was resolved within and hour.

5.8.9 -

Review posted by homeslicegroup on at

ProForms + Pro Events = Booking Possibilites

I've been working on 2 separate booking sites that allow customers to book a lodge, cabin or motel room and pay for it online. This system is by far the best I have found. There is a small learning curve with how to set it up but once you set it up it makes perfect sense. There simply isn't a cheaper way for me to achieve what these two products can do together. I'm planning on developing many more websites with these two adons.

6.0.1 -

Review posted by c5mix on at

The sky is the limit!

I've been amazed by everything I've been able to create with ProForms - there really is no limit! ProForms makes is super easy to create any kind of custom form imaginable - from a simple contact form to a complex order form. The feature set is tremendous with so many question types available (and new ones added regularly). Using ProForms has saved me thousands in custom development. A million times worth the money!

6.8.1 -

Review posted by talia7 on at

Simple task - failed

I needed this block to make a form to do something really simple - submit an email and show some additional value on submission (hidden from the person completing the form).

Six weeks after purchase and asking for help, it's not working and I've had very poor support. The documentation for this addon is slim and out of date too.

ps - I didn't 'choose not to' use the auto responder - it didn't do what I needed it to do. Which I mentioned twice in my support request.

pps- posting this review earned me a nasty flame email from the developer!
Response by RadiantWeb on at
We recommended the user utilize the autoresponder for more flexibility. The user chose not to.

Additionally, unbeknownst to us, our email replies had been mistakenly blacklisted by the main Concrete5 website. So the user was not getting some of our responses.

The core team has sense corrected this.

Very sorry you have had a bad experience.


7.0.2 -

Review posted by ministrycrm on at

Dude - Great Job

I set up an ProEvent and had it hooked up to ProForm paypal checkout in about a half hour.

The documentation could be better, but great work!

God Bless!
Response by RadiantWeb on at
hey thank you. I appreciate your kind review. We will be adding a helpdesk area just for proforms when the C5.7 version comes out. Thanks!

7.1.0 -

Review posted by rdkempt on at

No Brainer

Undoubtedly, the ProForms / ProEvents / ProEverything is the most useful and robust set of add-ons you can buy for concrete5. The number of different applications you can develop using these tools is extraordinary.

The code isn't perfect, the documentation isn't always clear and I've experienced a number of bugs with some of the question types. That being said, every time I've reported a bug the developer responds very quickly and updates the code, releasing a new version that corrects the problem (often within minutes).

I give it a full 5 / 5 review because of how robust the add-on is and how fast the developer responds to tickets. I will be using this add-on in nearly every site I build with concrete5 and may even start a mini how-to series showing off just how many types of projects you can build with it.
Review posted by zanedev on at

For the price it's a great start

For the price it's a great start thanks!

Works for the most part but be prepared to dig into code if you need anything slightly advanced, minimal use cases are covered for the most part. Some of the form element UX is a bit funky.

- It's hardcoded into the form block that every form submits with ajax and then a regular form submit so making a form Ajax only with no page refresh requires custom coding/hacking.
- Super minimal documentation, you're left trying to figure out what every field does and a lot of them are named vaguely or just weird that doesn't make sense what they are for without deeper knowledge of the system.
- The developer is too busy to really dig deep into any coding questions or issues, even simple questions.
- The reporting dashboard is hard to use. Exporting the proper fields and finding which form has which fields is not straight forward and missing some basic functionality. The way you match what fields to show with what forms is very cumbersome.
- A lot of the fields are buggy, the code is a bit sloppy sometimes like it was coded in a hurry.
- The review step functionality is buggy with some fields not working properly in review.
- Tying in ProEvents addon or booking is not straightforward at all and there is little documentation on this so good luck filtering through blog posts.
- If you need two proforms on the same page you will run into problems because a lot of stuff is not scoped to the individual form.
- The developer does not keep accurate release notes for every version released.
- The basic automatic reply emails with form submissions don't allow changing the subject per form.
Response by RadiantWeb on at
I appreciate your honesty. A few things:

1) forms with file uploads require formal form submission. Fine that your forms do not need that. but we set it permanently to provide better performance as the js files were getting to bloated.

2) Most questions that require any thinking have a "help ?" icon in the add question dialog that provide helpful tips on use plus advanced usage tips.

3) 5.7 release. Over 120hrs of work to do. We are already getting emails for updated versions and are working very hard on this. Like you, we have to balance projects and work and play and family. But sadly there is only so much to go around as you know. Very bad timing at the moment is all.

4) The export results .xls is customizable actually. It will follow a) the order of questions as they are in the editor view & b) it will export matching headers when you have the results filtered by form. Marking any question when addind as "results header" is what dictates form results headers for any given form.

5) Sometimes yes...done in a hurry. 5.7 version of proforms every single question type will be reviewed and cleaned up and the initial PF 5.7 release will ship with a slimmer list of questions and then be slowly rebuffed as we work those out.

6) List display, review, export, and form input will all be separate attribute forms in the 5.7 version. It's sort of a logic mess at the moment, and to many "conditions". I will be simplifying this moving forward. Part of the issue was simply trying to take advantage of core attributes. The 5.7 version will forgo all of these and add new ones with correct render state views.

7) documentation is 100% correct and accurate on these as outlined in the blog post. The article walks through every step and even covers every possibility of booking needs. You should slow down and reread that article again paying much closer attention.

7.5.6 -

Review posted by brunel0990 on at

déçu !!!!!

trop cher et compliquer a utiliser

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