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Before 2.0

Review posted by VelvetElvis on at

Exactly what I was looking for

and it does it perfectly. A+
Review posted by biztek on at

Easy to use quality add-on

I purchased and installed this add-on for my friends' photography site and it works quite well. I recommend it.
Review posted by okapi on at

Wow, i like that gallery!

So that's a great gallery! I find it very flexible, very easy to use and to customize. I especially like the preloading of images and that super-smooth fading effect! Five stars!
Review posted by synlag on at

Well don

This is a very exciting addon, easy to use, lots of options and easy to customize!

Great work, thx
Review posted by jero on at

Easy to Use

Very easy to use, and support from Tony is quick and efficient. I had a minor issue with my template that Tony helped resolve - make sure your containing block has a width specified. Thanks!
Review posted by s2d on at

I never give 5's, but...

...this is an exception. This is the image gallery I'm recommending to my clients.
Review posted by abstracts on at

Its a Yes from me too

Agreed this a really goo block and works really well when used with Tony's Image Detail block. Easy to customise and looks the business.
Review posted by spork on at

More flexible than it appears, works great!

This is a good one - I've been doing some very basic edits to this module and it's pretty easy to understand if you need to hack up it's own layout.

Tony is very responsive to any questions, and that's really a big plus. If you're considering buying this and aren't sure of whether it can do something, make sure you ask!
Review posted by myFullFlavour on at

Seamless integration!

This has got to be one of the best blocks I've come across.

Upload. Install. Add Block. Choose Set. Save.

Done :)
Review posted by LucasAnderson on at

Sweet Gallery

Excellent gallery, options to only use photos from set(s) is perfect. Many customization options! Good support as well.
Review posted by anandmanav on at


Tony repaired a bug within minutes ... great build with a nice look and feel ... :D
Review posted by olacom on at

Very nice!

Review posted by Remo on at

great gallery!

I've been playing around with this and it's really cool! Lots of options, nice layout - perfect!

2.0 - 2.11

Review posted by aaronk on at

Very nice

This add-on has really nice customization features, and is a snap to use. I'd love to see this continue to grow (ability to click on the photo to advance perhaps, or slideshow mode toggle, or auto-scale to screen size). It's a solid tool as is, and worth the investment.
Response by Tony on at
I'm currently working on two of those three requests for the next release. it's going to support swiping the main image left or right, and will resize for responsive layouts, two upgrades that will benefit mobile devices
Review posted by jfederer on at

Great add-on

I'm new to C5, but familiar with RDBMSs and website tools. Using ProPhoto with File/Image Details allowed me to hugely improve the quality of a website (, and at the same time make the structure and management far easier. It would have taken me days to get anywhere near the same functionality, and it would not have been as clean and polished. Money well spent, in my opinion!
Review posted by scdesign on at

Awesome add-on

Great add-on, it gave the site I was building the exact look that I was after. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. Highly recommend!
Review posted by noople on at

IE9 Bug

Not working properly in IE9 (main image slides away when clicking on thumbnail).

Review posted by noople on Jun 14, 2012 at 8:34 am

Looks like error comes from another script. It's not a bug of prophoto add-on. thanks tony for your support!
Response by Tony on at
I'll try to get a fix for this sometime this week. Can you open a support ticket and include some screenshots of what you're seeing?
Review posted by RobinB on at

My search is over!

After testing a lot of free AddOns, I tried this and it is exactly what I'm looking for. Can only give a clear recommendation!
Review posted by Thordan on at

Best Photo Gallery

After trying out all the free add-ons we decided to give ProPhoto a go and nver looked back and will implememnt it on our other projects as well. It just works, is practical and Tony offers great support. Thanks.

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