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簡単にタブ切り替えが設置できて良いのですが、concrete5 8.5.4でPHP7.3.16で使ってみたところ、/packages/quick_tabs/blocks/quick_tabs/view.phpの16行目を少し変更しないとエラーがでます。
$class=$class+" editmode";

$class = (int)$class + (int)" editmode";

このサイトを Concrete CMS の Ver.9 にアップデートしましたが、普通にそのまま使えています。
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Does not work with c5 8.5. When you edit a page with Tabs, the editor crashes
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Works Great

Nice addon but you need to watch the video to learn about "sandwiching"
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Don't bother

The Tab view works nicely on a desktop/laptop. But, The mobile view does not work on a mobile device. I started a support request 3 months ago & I'm still waiting.

Before 1.0

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Amazing Add-on

I love this add-on. It is almost idiot-proof and mostly just works. The tabs look good and disappear on mobile. A big thank you to Vivid for making this!

A quick note: I have had some small issues getting blocks to display in the correct tab and not in others. I solve this by placing each tab & associated blocks in their own layout section. Not a big enough deal to remove a star.
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Excellent addon

Extremely simple to use. Much appreciated for making the available to all.
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Another great add-on

Although generally i'm not fond of video tutorials, for Simple Tabs is takes just one review and that's it... It really uncluttered some of my pages.
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Simple and Effective

Easily installed and foolproof. I mean this needs no documentation. Plus this is logically responsive, the tabs go away on a mobile view. Perfect!
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Quick Tabs

Very easy to use and can be configured easily by clients who are less than tech savvy. Support was given quickly and fixed the problem.

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