This package allows users to request to delete their user accounts and associated data (Files, Pages etc.). It deactivates the user account & pages immediately. And delete it permanently after 30 days. You can set the options as you need from the settings page.


How It Works:

  • The user will request to delete his account from /account/quit_profile page.
  • The account and owning pages will be inactive immediately.
  • The account and the owning files and pages will be deleted forever after 30 days. Delete Inactive Users - Quit Profile job needs to be run through CRON to do this.
  • The admin can restore the user account within 30 days from /dashboard/quit_profile/users page.
  • The package itself comes with default settings. Admin can change the settings from /dashboard/quit_profile/settings page.



  • Allows asking or not asking password on quit profile.
  • Allows asking or not asking the reason of quit profile.
  • Allows to set up an unlimited number of custom questions.
  • Allows showing a textarea for the last reason.
  • Allows showing confirm page.


How To Use:

  • Visit YOUR_SITE/dashboard/quit_profile.
  • Set the options as you want. It’s really easy to set.
  • Set the CRON job for Delete Inactive Users - Quit Profile.
  • You're all set now.