Quizzes management:
  • Add questions directly or from question pool
  • Timing while passing 
  • Questionnaire type without criteria of positive result
  • Questionnaire type with correct answers
  • Quantity of attempts for passing the quiz
  • Four different types of question (Multiple answer, Single answer, True or False, Free Text answer)
  • Show the right answer option (Pro ed.)
  • Optional Retake button (Pro ed.)
  • Optional answers Review button (Pro ed.)
  • Optional Warning message before submitting the answers (Pro ed.)
  • Optional Skip questions ability (Pro ed.)
  • Show comments for each question after answered (Pro ed.)
Certification (Pro ed.):
  • Add text, pull different user or quiz info apply any background (Pro ed.)
  • Connect chosen certificate to any quiz (Pro ed.)
  • Certificate download link for user and admin in PDF (Pro ed.)
  • Pull Concrete5 User Attributes using "handle" (Pro ed.)
  • Deep question, category and quiz (Pro ed.)
  • Attempts details (Pro ed.)
  • Personal user's space with reports and quizzes list and its progress (Pro ed.)
Other features:
  • Additional fields to collect user information (Pro ed.)
  • List (dropdown) of Quizzes to do (Pro ed.)

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